In this episode, Ahura answered the following questions (the numbers indicate where in the video the questions were asked): 3:55 Describe the love in your heart at the moment you read this. I don’t know why, but this is what came to me at around noon central time today. 6:01 I heard a bell ringing a couple nights ago at 12:05 a.m. just outside of my room. I was the […]

Question: I was laying in bed this morning and noticed 1-3 inch streaks of light on my right chest. My husband looked over and was shocked. He began touching my chest and with every touch small zigzag streaks would disperse across my skin. We turned on the light, discussed it and than turned the light off and laid down. It began happening again it started with pulses of light on […]

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Question: Dear Ahura I have recently been wondering if my 2 year old daughter may be sensitive to the spitit realm. I grew up in a family with many diffrent abilities and have learned to block my own bc they scare me. My daughter has never slept through the night and has just recently been able to tell me she is scared. Although she isn’t sure of why or what. In […]

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Question: Recently moved to area where I live now, my daughter and I would walk nightly.  Diagonally across the street was a vacant house for auction.  My daughter ( age 9 ) and I decided to peer into the house to view the layout etc.  Our flashlights shown all the way through the living room, hall and some kitchen into a bathroom where our lights reflected off the tub.  All […]

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Question: Hi my name is Megan.And I a have question about the supernatural.About four or more years ago me and my dad moved into an apartement near some wetlands and creeks.Since then, strange things have happened to me like seeing a green and purple orb,seeing white light,chills,tingling,twice I have smelled what seemed to be burnt cloth,seeing the forms of more than one entity in the dark:feeling a warm static or […]

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Question: Hi, this morning I had a nightmare, and then after that, I remember that I was awake, or at least lucid. For, I was as if paralysed, in this half-dream, half-aware state where I could not move to wake up completely. And then, there was this sort of shadow that was caressing my hair,in an almost loving way, as if patting me to sleep. Is this a medical scare […]

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