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If you have a question you would like Ahura to answer on a future episode of Ask the Unicorn you can submit it using the form below.  Questions can be about general subjects or personal experiences including the significance of specific dreams.  Ahura will not answer any questions pertaining to whether or not someone is going to die or whether or not your significant other is cheating on you. All other questions, be they paranormal, metaphysical or spiritual in nature are fair game.  Please note we cannot guarantee that all questions will be addressed on the show but we will do our best!

When Ahura has answered your question we will notify you by email and send you a link to download the episode.

Please also keep in mind that this is a widely broadcast show so try not to get too personal with your questions. If you have questions of a more sensitive or personal nature Ahura offers telepathic readings and spiritual counseling through Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. He also teaches private classes online using Skype video.

Visit www.unicorn-cove.com/services for more information about readings and counseling from Ahura.

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