In this episode, Ahura discussed current politics; racism; positivity and light; “waking up”, cosmic octopus; Mars; empaths; dream interpretation; the meaning of metaphysics; exercise; prophetic dreams; extra terrestrials; remote viewing; the rapist with the decreased prison sentence; programming of women.

He also answered the following questions (the numbers indicate where in the video the questions were asked):

Dear Ahura, I often receive messages from various channels, it keep on saying that I have a husband, although I do not know his name and asked me to change my name. Do you know what it is? Why to change my name, they say because of you. I’m confused.

I have a strange situation. There’s a friend of mine and I’m getting to know very personal information about her in some strange way. I can’t understand how.

Is there something in the air then? I know I have a very short fuse.

At last, a name for what is happening. I don’t ever remember being this intuitive or this much clarity …. times. Any suggestions for making this transition smoother?

Can waking up go horribly wrong?

Hi. Question; meaning of dreams of someone killing themselves or shooting themselves in the head?

What are some good ways to diminish or transmute electromagnetic radiation from computers?

I have a question on time. Do you think we are living backwards? Some form of consciousness/energy has already planned everything for everyone i.e. free will is an illusion.

Thank you, is the same true when you dream of someone else killing themselves?

Are extraterrestrial races going to make themselves known in a more public manner towards the end of the year?

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