Hi my name is Megan.And I a have question about the supernatural.About four or more years ago me and my dad moved into an apartement near some wetlands and creeks.Since then, strange things have happened to me like seeing a green and purple orb,seeing white light,chills,tingling,twice I have smelled what seemed to be burnt cloth,seeing the forms of more than one entity in the dark:feeling a warm static or fuzzy energy at night,feeling someone touching my back,arms,neck,Twice I have heard an unearthly voice which sound like a recording,cold spots, cold spots in my room at night,I have seen a man in my room twice,I have felt someones head right over my face,feeling someone touching my hair,feeling someone on top of me,feeling someone near my neck,who or what ever he was has kissed me It was very very creepy and when he did It felt like he had no mouth at all it seemed the only thing he had was a one strong jaw.So what and who do you think these entities are ?


Greetings I thing that this is a classic astral predator.  The fact that it had no mouth was the give away.  You must keep a candle burning for the next week, and make sure that you do not sleep in the same clothes that you were out and about in.  Peace.

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