Recently moved to area where I live now, my daughter and I would walk nightly.  Diagonally across the street was a vacant house for auction.  My daughter ( age 9 ) and I decided to peer into the house to view the layout etc.  Our flashlights shown all the way through the living room, hall and some kitchen into a bathroom where our lights reflected off the tub.  All the sudden like a black sheet or shadow rose in front of our eyes and absorbed our light and we could not see anything anymore.   I was at first stunned and then the hair just went straight up.  We both felt that we had best run.  We didn’t say a word just ran home which was like across the street.  I wondered “if it was what I think it was…does it know where we live now?”.   The house is now being gutted for a rental property, hope I will get to know the renters.  But I will never go into it.   Thanks


Greetings:  This entity is seemingly associated with the house so even if it knew where you lived as long as you do not return to the house it cannot follow.  Good that you just ran, now stay away if you can until you have the house cleansed.  Peace.

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