Dear Ahura I have recently been wondering if my 2 year old daughter may be sensitive to the spitit realm. I grew up in a family with many diffrent abilities and have learned to block my own bc they scare me. My daughter has never slept through the night and has just recently been able to tell me she is scared. Although she isn’t sure of why or what. In the last year she has been speaking to and playing with a child only she can see who she calls Jack.  Lately she has been calling jack a monster and yelling at him to leave her alone. I have also spoke up and told Jack he was not welcome in my home. It wasn’t until after Jack left that she has vocalized her fear and her waking during the night has increased. I don’t know what to do or who to ask for help from. My father was the person my family turned to in these situations but he passed away when she was 5 weeks old. Please help. How do I know if these are just persistant night mares or something more.  -Ginger


Greetings Ginger:  This might be something else.  It is good that you backed her up.  Keep a night light in her room.  It might also be a good idea to keep some soft continuous music in her room as well.  Please give me a call so that we can talk, and I can give further instructions.  I will be available Tuesday.  Peace.

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