I was laying in bed this morning and noticed 1-3 inch streaks of light on my right chest. My husband looked over and was shocked. He began touching my chest and with every touch small zigzag streaks would disperse across my skin. We turned on the light, discussed it and than turned the light off and laid down. It began happening again it started with pulses of light on my left thumb and than on my left chest. We both quickly sat up and went to our kitchen to talk about what we saw. After discussing further we went to lay back down and a few minutes it started happening again for a third time. After this we got up and stayed awake until the sun came up. I have no explanation for this. It was as if there was 1-3 inch streaks flashing in zig zags across my chest. Do you have any explanation for this? There have been other unexplainable things happen but this is so far the most curious matter. I’m a skeptic and need an explanation for what happened.


Greetings: As you yourself can see, being a “skeptic” has no bearing on what is or is not real.
I would have to speak with you personally, and examine the energy in the area that you have experienced this in order to give you a proper assessment. If this happens again. See if you can get a picture. Peace.

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