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Download the audio-only version here. This week Ahura answered questions sent in via email and by chatroom about: a woman wondering about the spirit of a little boy who seemed attached to her, practices people can use daily to protect themselves, whether or not spirits can leave warm spots, the difference between channeling and possession, imagination and vision and many others, and also took questions from callers. Music played on […]

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Question: So I’m kind of afraid to ask this for fear it might be stupid. But I’ve been having very vivid nightmares that consist of very old type houses, always in a past generation such as the 40’s-60’s and such. I’m never in the nightmare. It’s like I’m watching it, they present themselves kind of like a movie. But I can feel the fear. They always have families in them. […]

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Question: When I was younger, my mother and I would see dark shadows floating in our home. My mother used oil and prayed over our home and eventually the dark shadows quit reappearing. Recently we had a family gathering at my cousins house. After looking at the pictures we could see abnormal lights around certain family members. Nearly every picture that had these family members in it contained circles and […]

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Question: I am a sensitive and am part of a group of sensitives. We conduct paranormal investigations. We have been together as a team for 2 years and up until recently the recordings we got friendly. As of late it seems the spirits know us and are expecting us. The evp’s we have captured are not nice, push them, touch them, kill them, etc. We drink holy water in spring […]

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Question: Hi Z, I had a question concerning my niece Katie. She is six now and lives on the west coast with her grandmother. Without getting into to much detail on the living situation Katie’s mother is here in Maine. Having regular usually daily contact (phone email facebook ) in regards to how Katie is doing. I should also explain Katie has epilepsy, asthma and mild autism.  About two months […]

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