In this episode Ahura answered the following questions: 6:11 I was laying in bed a few nights ago in the same room as my father due to my bed being broken. From in front of the bed, a loud medium range stream of bells started ringing. We both woke up and heard it. I did some research and they apparently signal the coming of death. I am so scared I […]

In this episode of Ask the Unicorn Ahura answered the following questions: 20:54 Why would it be important to some, to open a portal to the fourth heaven? 22:09 Could you give us your general feelings about sensing energies from physical locations? Not energies involving people, energies involving the actual place. 32:37 How does one stay positive with all the events of the last few days? 38:10 I recently produced […]

In this week’s episode Ahura talked about racism and ethnic actors in film; mars going direct; dreams; Mars retrograde; schizophrenia; astral attachment; mirror magic and classes through his school Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. He also answered the following questions (time stamp indicates the place you can find the question in the video): 3:56 Is it possible to actually see spirits or ghosts or whatever you call them, and have […]

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In this episode Ahura talked about soul travel, soul retrieval and soul regression; exorcism and what that entails; positive mental reinforcement; getting rid of people who contradict what you want to do in your life; lucid dreaming; mediumship and what to do about spirits touching the medium; the Universal laws of exchange; karmic ties; severing attachments with a person; gifted people and arrogance; doppelgangers. Actual questions asked on this show […]

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Download the audio-only version here. This week Ahura answered questions sent in via email and by chatroom about: a woman wondering about the spirit of a little boy who seemed attached to her, practices people can use daily to protect themselves, whether or not spirits can leave warm spots, the difference between channeling and possession, imagination and vision and many others, and also took questions from callers. Music played on […]

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Question: So I’m kind of afraid to ask this for fear it might be stupid. But I’ve been having very vivid nightmares that consist of very old type houses, always in a past generation such as the 40’s-60’s and such. I’m never in the nightmare. It’s like I’m watching it, they present themselves kind of like a movie. But I can feel the fear. They always have families in them. […]

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