On this week’s episode of Ask the Unicorn, Ahura answered the following questions:

I met someone recently who I strongly connect with and this person has already professed their love for me, so I guess my question is in relation to your thoughts on love at first sight and how to know what you and the other person are feeling is real.

How do you keep spirits out of your house? I have some spirits that always come in and out of my house.

Can you define ghost for me?

So as we live, do we leave our own ghosts around in certain places? For instance, I used to work at this one job a few years back and I used to see either a ghost or a spirit around the place. However, I had a dream a while back that I was there again and it was, as far as I know, current date. Is it possible I left a ghost trail behind?

I was hiking the other evening and a butterfly flew up to my forehead then flew over my head. What meaning do you draw from this?

What’s up with the squirrels? I’m going to sound nuts but there is this one squirrel outside, squawking. She makes noises and if he’s outside and I don’t….

A few weeks back I had some zombie dreams. You were in it and I was making a survival horror game called Feed, and was consulting you and Sinari doing the soundtrack for it. The main character was some woman with a dog. In the game a woman named Leonia died and she was very troubled and went to bed. At some point, when working on the game, I became the woman and was attacked by something that did not look like a zombie, on the bed. I can’t even exactly describe what it looked like. I forgot entirely, but it was terrifying. I fought it off by kicking repeatedly and it was trying to choke me. I woke up from what felt like an attack and my neck was numb and tingling for 15 and it felt very real. What the heck was that about? It felt like claws or something.

Like I know my guides, I know when spirits come to me for help. What is a specific key to know the ghost is coming in? If I don’t like a certain entity I just shut it off.

This morning while sitting in my car, there was a knock on my window. Three knocks. Nobody was there. Any thoughts?

Any ideas for a tattoo idea? ..I am looking for something spiritually useful. Any ideas? I was looking for something specific for me, any suggestions?

Question from 33:33 continued. I had two other yellow butterflies fly close to me in the same hike. They went to different parts of my body and I don’t remember which parts, but do you draw meaning? Also, do you know what project is being started that I should get help with? Thank you.

Every time I wake up in my bed there’s a black mark on my ceiling that comes down towards me and right as I am about to grab, it appears back on the ceiling. Why does this happen outside of my mediation?

What do you think of this Mandella effect? Is it fake?

I almost stepped on a snake in the same hike. It was riled up right under my feet in the path, do you draw meaning from this Ahura?

Little old lady heard something in the yard, set up a camera trap and found these photos. Would you like to look at them?

Before I joined the military, I had a dream the world was being infested by demons. There was an attack going on and I had to run in to help battle it. I had always felt there’s a purpose for me and I believe I’m on that current path. Do you see the dream as prophetic or a metaphor for something else?

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