In this episode Ahura talked about soul travel, soul retrieval and soul regression; exorcism and what that entails; positive mental reinforcement; getting rid of people who contradict what you want to do in your life; lucid dreaming; mediumship and what to do about spirits touching the medium; the Universal laws of exchange; karmic ties; severing attachments with a person; gifted people and arrogance; doppelgangers.

Actual questions asked on this show and time stamps to find them in the video:

I had a dream where I flew in space, normally I just fly around, shortly after I flew into space, it felt like I was viewing a different dimension. A most beautiful sight was before my eyes, it’s truly indescribable. It was formless, unbelievably colorful and glimmering, like a 4D ocean was in front of me. Just trying to take in the sight before I woke up. I felt it truly was something that could never be understood, it looked so amazing. Do you have any ideas of what it could be?

I wanted to ask you why you think the Aokigahara Forest is such a popular place to commit suicide?

Hi Z, I was told a few months ago back that I have second sight. What is this?

I am spiritually blocked. I don’t know why. I need to know my purpose for being here. I made my altar with the things I love, I pray. I don’t know 100% what my purpose is.

Are soul retrievals legit?

Do you do soul retrievals?

Can gout be cured?

I have a dream of my great grandmother who passed, we were flying around and it looked like outer space, but everything was covered in a gold dust. I’m not sure what the dream was about. I would love your thoughts on that?

Some of my dreams tantalize the edges of my recall. Is there a way to bring it forward? I know upon waking that it is information for me, but I don’t always write it down.

Are there different kinds of exorcisms? or are there different types of demons or some entities that need exorcising just hitchhiking spirits or energy or something. I feel like I’m anchored down by something that isn’t demonic, just heavy or foreign. I’ll touch based on my personal aspects when I see you, just curious to know about posession and exorcism.

So, my gift is changing quite a bit. I went from seeing and feeling spirit aspirations to hearing them loudly. And now they are starting to get a touch me. Freaky I know I’ve been a medium my whole life and I don’t understand why my gift is changing so drastically. Is there a way to slow it down so I can get a clear understanding of what’s going on or should I just role with the punches?

Once I had a dream of walking along floating bridge and there were three doors. From out of the water a person came to me dressed in a white tuxedo with glowing white eyes. Your thoughts please.


I have set up boundaries with spirits but this particular one just won’t leave me alone. I feel as if he stalks me. I used to know him in real life before he died. What do I do to let him know peacefully that I want Jim to leave me alone.

You discuss the importance of exchange frequently. What’s the best course of action when your given unsolicited charity?

It doesn’t need to be of equal value?

What about tithing? There is no return except for the good feeling.

I think Roz smells and hears things. Should I acknowledge this with her if she is able to smell and hear?

Why do “gifted” people have arrogance?

What is doppelgangers?

Do you feel that we are in for another war soon? I’m feeling a revelation and I think we are in for some turmoil. Russia, North Korea, things could go bad quick.

I am visiting my mother in Alabama and the room I stay in feels dark. My whole family has had nightmares. It’s this one dream we have of this man with an evil laugh. What should I do?

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