In this week’s episode Ahura talked about racism and ethnic actors in film; mars going direct; dreams; Mars retrograde; schizophrenia; astral attachment; mirror magic and classes through his school Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. He also answered the following questions (time stamp indicates the place you can find the question in the video):

Is it possible to actually see spirits or ghosts or whatever you call them, and have it like they are there to protect/watch over you?

I had a dream about a high school reunion, not sure if it was mine, even though I recognized a few people. The class was singing in a choir and went out as a group and committed suicide, because they felt that love and life was to hard. I didn’t go with the group. I’m still bothered by this. Any thoughts?

Can you talk more about the Mars retrograde thing?

Wondering what you think of people diagnosed with schizophrenia, could they be gifted? (I understand that people do have issues.)

Why do they want to stay here? This place is so difficult and hard to be, why do they strive to be here?

What do you think about mirror magic?

What is mirror magic? I avoid mirrors. They make me feel uneasy. How does it work as a portal?

Have you had a scary experience with the mirror?

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