In this episode, Ahura spoke about relationships, spiritual gifts, ghosts, his experience growing up with his gifts, black masses, Halloween and the spiritual significance of your costumes, and seeing and communicating with spirits.
Ahura answered the following questions:

I’ve been having dreams about a friend of mine, that I just started hanging out with, a female friend and they’ve all been positive. Do you draw a meaning?

When was the first time you encountered a ghost and how did you know the entity was a crossover, how did you feel and how did it feel different from when a spirit crosses over?

Is it possible for you to talk about black masses?

Is it possible for more sports food or more evil to come out on Halloween?

I saw something weird last March, when I rented the Challenger. I was driving around Maine looking for castles, and while driving I looked over on the right and saw a figure in a field. At first I thought it was a scarecrow, but then it started moving. And when it saw that I noticed it had started moving and walking, it looked like Jeepers Creepers.

On any given day, how many encounters do you have with spirits?

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