In this episode Ahura talked about soul travel, soul retrieval and soul regression; exorcism and what that entails; positive mental reinforcement; getting rid of people who contradict what you want to do in your life; lucid dreaming; mediumship and what to do about spirits touching the medium; the Universal laws of exchange; karmic ties; severing attachments with a person; gifted people and arrogance; doppelgangers. Actual questions asked on this show […]

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Question: hi for about 10 years now I have being experiencing a lot of paranormal activity’s now I am a pretty spiritual person. for example 1 house I lived in I could smell a pine tree in the lounge room at Christmas time when I never put up a pine tree my radio was turning off an on the volume used too turn up and down. the lounge room door […]

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Question: When my girlfriend was young she had a lot of encounters with entities and she had dreams about them which terrified her.  Her family called over a bishop to bless the house and up until now she has had no problems.  But now things are coming back, she is having dreams of a woman moaning and a man yelling.  She has woken up with bruises on her and she […]

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This question was asked and answered via Ahura Z’s page on Question: For a little bit of background, I have had various abilities (mostly hearing and seeing spirits, having dreams, feeling others emotions, etc…) since I was a little girl, but for years, after a frightening experience as a teenager, I completely ignored/blocked out any gifts I might have had. Now, for the past year and a half I […]