hi for about 10 years now I have being experiencing a lot of paranormal activity’s now I am a pretty spiritual person. for example 1 house I lived in I could smell a pine tree in the lounge room at Christmas time when I never put up a pine tree my radio was turning off an on the volume used too turn up and down. the lounge room door used too open when it was latched shut. second house I was sitting down watching TV an the light bulb dropped out hit the floor an Didn’t even smash. the third house I put a item on the bench came back a hour later it was gone later on I found it on the dinning room table. forth house at night some of the kids toys starts playing tunes bout every second or third night when the kids are in bed an they have new battery’s in them. and my girl friend an I have heard a little baby crying in the house an it isn’t our baby crying. do you think I have a spirit flowing me just seem’s every house I move into something happen’s and it freak’s my girl friend out we have only been together for 3 years


Greetings: This sounds more like there is something that you are bringing with you. In other words. Something is attached to you in the physical that enables an energy to come with you. There must be something that was either given to you, or something that you bought somewhere.

Look through your things to see if there is something that you have kept with you that is something that you would not normally think about, and you will find the culprit. Once you do, dispose of it, and your problem will cease to be. Let me know. Peace.

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