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For a little bit of background, I have had various abilities (mostly hearing and seeing spirits, having dreams, feeling others emotions, etc…) since I was a little girl, but for years, after a frightening experience as a teenager, I completely ignored/blocked out any gifts I might have had.

Now, for the past year and a half I have been acknowledging these abilities again and have actively been working with communicating with spirits. I have also begun to have “flashes” of people and places both seemingly randomly and as part of communicating with spirits (I do practice shielding and protecting myself to help eliminate random energies and feelings/impressions that might interfere with my daily life).

The concern that I am having now though is that for the past few months I have randomly been getting an extreme feeling of vertigo/dizziness accompanied by my no longer seeing my surroundings. I then start to visually see other places and strange images. In the beginning this only happened maybe once a month, but for the past two weeks it has happened almost every other day. Yesterday it happened 3 times.

I am concerned because when this happens (usually at impractical times such as when I’m at work – on a side note, I work in the field of crisis and suicide intervention which in itself makes for frequently interesting experiences)I am left feeling almost seasick and have a very difficult time bringing my mind back to the present for around 30 minutes. Tonight it happened again. During the dizziness I began seeing green bubbles with gold chains wrapped around them floating to my left…

I am fairly certain that none of this is related to health as I recently got a clean bill of health from my doctor. I plan to check to see if I have low blood sugar tomorrow though to find out if this could have anything to do with it.

On a side note, from time to time I have had the scary experience of being surrounded by many people and suddenly visually seeing a strange energy around some people that I am fairly certain means that they won’t live for much longer (the first time it happened I was in church and I heard a voice quietly say…”they are not long for this world”). The energy is usually concentrated around the body part that is causing the problem. As I don’t really know what to do when this happens I usually try to send positive and healing energy toward the person/people without being too obvious as I’d rather not frighten strangers who might think I’m crazy.

So, to break things down a bit.

My first questions is, what might be going on with the getting dizzy and having visions of other places? If it’s not related to a health problem…do you have any suggestions for dealing with what I might be experiencing? Also, do you have any idea what those green bubbles with gold chains around them could be?

My second questions is, with regard to the “Death vision.” I’ve tried to avoid using it or getting better at controlling it because I am afraid of having an ability to see something like that without having the ability to do anything about it (e.g. why know that someone might die soon if I can’t do anything to stop it?). Also, I’m afraid that I might see something that I’d rather not know about people I care about some day. Do you have any suggestions for how I might make this ability a strength/asset rather than something that just makes me feel frightened?

Thank you in advance for any help offered.
The area that I live in doesn’t have a lot in the way of people I can turn to for help with these kinds of things.



Greetings:  The energy that you are seeing associated with the chains are attachments that have either been placed upon the person, or they are things that are draining the persons energy.
If you can find a way to pin point each attachment they can be broken.  Usually this is linked to a sickness or habit that the person needs to break.  For instance:

If the person needs to stop smoking they may have an chain that ends in a bubble which means that energy is being drained from that part of the body, or if they have a particular psychological malfunction, and are taking the wrong medication for it again this can cause a drain.  I definitely think that you can turn this into a strength, but you must not be afraid.
Fear wont allow you to help anyone, and because you can see these attachments, you can help, even to the degree of saving lives.  That being said, if it is the persons time to go, there is nothing that can be done, but not everyone that dies is meant to at the moment that they do.

Training is in order.  I can train you, and if you are truly interested call me.


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  1. Sandra says:

    That is what is bothering me at the moment about that being said, if it is a persons time to go, there is nothing can be done, but not everyone that dies is meant to at the moment that they do.

    My problem is my boyfriend had two aneurysms one of which was a large right cerebral aneurysm which was worrying him and I whether he should have an operation to clip it or not as there was a chance he could have a stroke if he had the operation so before any decision was made my boyfriend punched himself very hard punches on his head when we were travelling on the bus seeing this was and still is disturbing because it makes me think did he die before his time as a few weeks after he called me to help him get up off the floor but I couldn’t get him up eventually I phoned an ambulance as it felt it was time for him to go to hospital we didn’t know what was wrong but he was on a life support machine in intensive care and a scan showed he had had a bleeding to his brain.I am very upset when I think of what happened.He was taken off the life support machine 2 days later.Bereavement is very difficult when you have thoughts like this.
    Can you help me please?
    I have written this comment here because of the connections in the question and answer.