When my girlfriend was young she had a lot of encounters with entities and she had dreams about them which terrified her.  Her family called over a bishop to bless the house and up until now she has had no problems.  But now things are coming back, she is having dreams of a woman moaning and a man yelling.  She has woken up with bruises on her and she has also been touched by these entities.  She hears whispering to the point where it drives her crazy.  It’s gotten to the point where I am staying up with her all night because she is afraid to sleep and afraid to be alone.  Just last night she was terrified because she laid down and something cold touched her arm and then she heard sounds and saw movement inside of her closet.  I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me I do not know what to do or how to help the woman I love and I am worried and scared for her.  – John


Greetings John.  I will help you.  I need for you to keep a white unscented candle lit at night when she sleeps.  Just before you go to bed read aloud three times Psalms 91.  It does not matter what you believe, this is made to work.  You must try to memorize the Psalm as you will need to be able to say it clearly.  Your mate is being harassed because she either resembles, or has some of the characteristics of someone that was in the house before.  We must break the attachment.  You must banish the entities that were there before you get the house blessed. Banishment gets them out blessing keeps them out, but if there is no banishment before blessing it will only hold them at bay for a moment. Please give us a call tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern time so that I can walk you through what to do.  Please do not be afraid as your fear even for her can be used against you.  Because I sense the sincerity in your words and you willingness to protect your mate, I will teach you to banish.  Make sure that she eats something with beef in it about a half hour before she goes to bed, and do NOT leave her alone at night for the next week.  I repeat Do NOT!!! leave her alone at night for the next week.  Talk to you tomorrow.
Peace.  Ahura Z.


Hello Ahura sorry for my late reply but unfortunately I will not be able to give you a call because I have urgent things to attend to, I also will not be able to be around her for this next week because I will be extremely busy and I cannot just drop everything.  I made sure to tell her aunt of everything and got her to stay with her and keep an eye on her for the time being.  I also had another question.  Are spirits more likely to harass people with ( please forgive me I don’t know what exactly to call them ) “abilities” because she explained that her family has had a history of seeing spirits and auras coming from her grandmother’s side of the family.  I was also informed that her grandmother cleans and blesses all of the rooms in the house frequently, however, her room was the only one that had not been recently blessed.  After her grandmother finished she seemed to be a bit more calm and less stressed and afraid last night, on the other hand, I was the one experiencing nightmares that night and I awoke with sleep paralysis.  I have experienced sleep paralysis several times throughout my life but this time it was quite different.  I fell asleep on my living room couch and I was laying on my left side and I woke up and felt fine but then all of a sudden my right side got very cold and when I tried to move I could not soon after my breathes became smaller and smaller as it took more effort to breathe than normal.  I tried to stay as calm as possible because I’ve heard fear is what gives evil spirits their power over you and a few moments later I was able to move and breathe normally again.  I would appreciate any kind of answers you can give me for what is happening.  Thank you so much


Greetings:  The answer is apparent.  If the house was blessed except for that room, then the blessing was incomplete.  This allowed everything to concentrate itself in the room.  If you want to be rid if the paralysis you must follow the steps that I prescribed earlier.  A banishment is imperative.

As for your question.  It does not matter whether you have abilities or not.  There are a million reasons as to why there are visitations.  Those with these abilities have a better chance of dealing with what they see.  You must understand that the shows on T.V. have done much to deceive people about the paranormal and therefore caused people to fear.  These shows are fake, and only show that people are afraid of the dark.  You did the right thing by staying calm.  Now you must learn more so that you can defend yourself and the one that you love.  A good book to start with is Psychic Self Defense by Dion Fortune.  If you need further assistance let me know.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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