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Question: Can you help me help my son? He has been experiencing an evil presence for many years and now has been attacked!! I’m scared something will happen to him. The presence is not in this house. Yet. It still remains in his father’s house. I have felt it there myself. I’m afraid it will follow him where ever he goes. Can you please help me? Answer: Hi Carol, sorry […]

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Question: Hello. For the past few weeks I have been feeling a prensence in my bedroom. I can’t see it but whenever I go into my room I feel out of breath, anxious and it is as if something is watching me. I told my mother and she went into my room and claimed she didn’t feel anything and that it must have been my imagination (she doesn’t really believe […]

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Question: Hello Ahuraz, My partner has the last couple of nights woken as she was feeling a present in the room. The first night she was alone the second night I was there. When she opened her eyes she saw what looked a square of pink flowers intertwined or it could have been lights she couldn’t make it out. She also mentioned she felt uncomfortable with the presence. Any idea […]

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