Hello Ahuraz,

My partner has the last couple of nights woken as she was feeling a present in the room. The first night she was alone the second night I was there.

When she opened her eyes she saw what looked a square of pink flowers intertwined or it could have been lights she couldn’t make it out. She also mentioned she felt uncomfortable with the presence.

Any idea what this could be?

Thank you


Greetings:  This is interesting.  It sounds as if there is the ghost of someone trying to be friends,  Unfortunately social grace is one of the things that seem to be lost when it comes to most spiritual entities.  I think that your partner is in no danger.  The color pink is actually a form of communication that is saying you have nothing to fear from me, as in the metaphysical world pink is the color of fearlessness, and bravery, (ironic isn’t it?)  Take a single white candle, and keep it lit while you sleep, (please be safe), this should abate the visitation.

I again stress that this entity means you no harm, it simply has undeveloped tact.  More than likely a child.  Let me know if something happens again.  Peace.

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