For the past few weeks I have been feeling a prensence in my bedroom. I can’t see it but whenever I go into my room I feel out of breath, anxious and it is as if something is watching me. I told my mother and she went into my room and claimed she didn’t feel anything and that it must have been my imagination (she doesn’t really believe in spirits) but I sense something there! A few days ago I got sick and Mum told me to sleep in her bed. As soon as I left the room, it felt like an huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Is this an evil spirit?
Is it a spirit at all?
Or is it really just my imagination?



Greetings Monique:  My suggestion is not to go into the room until you have had someone clean it and seal it against evil.  The energy that is in the room will again try to assault you, until it is removed.  Please sleep in another room.  Peace.  Ahura Z.


How do you seal the room from evil?


Unfortunately you cannot as you lack the education. You must find someone that is experienced that is in your area. If you were local I would.
I am sure that there are some people that proficient in exorcism where you are. :warning: Do NOT call a medium. They will make it worse.

If you cannot find someone call me. I teach classes in entity removal. Please let me know. Peace. Ahura Z.

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