Can you help me help my son? He has been experiencing an evil presence for many years and now has been attacked!! I’m scared something will happen to him. The presence is not in this house. Yet. It still remains in his father’s house. I have felt it there myself. I’m afraid it will follow him where ever he goes. Can you please help me?


Hi Carol, sorry for the delay. If the presence is not in your home perhaps it is better to keep your son away from his fathers home, although it will have to be surmised that there is actually a demonic presence. See if there is someone that can come to where you are and investigate. I am in Maine. In the meantime, get a hold of 12 white stones, all about one inch in diameter, soak the in salt water, and set them in a clock formation around a single white unscented candle to dry. After this when you have your son, place eleven of them in a circle underneath his bed, and one under his pillow. Read psalms 91 out loud, as a prayer before he goes to sleep. This will abate the attacks, and allow him to sleep peacefully.

Let me know how this works out. Peace.

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