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Question: When I was younger, my mother and I would see dark shadows floating in our home. My mother used oil and prayed over our home and eventually the dark shadows quit reappearing. Recently we had a family gathering at my cousins house. After looking at the pictures we could see abnormal lights around certain family members. Nearly every picture that had these family members in it contained circles and […]

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Question: It was my birthday back in July 13th and I was gifted a Parker brothers ouiji board. My friends and I all skeptics (expect one who didnt partake in the entertainment) used it throughout the night. It started off with nothing until around 3-4am things got weird. The board never spelled anything that made sense random words and numbers “88” and “66” were common numbers and the word “leviathan”? […]

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Question: First off, I would like to mention that I have experienced a lot of small paranormal things most of my life ( such as lucid dreams, shadows, sleep paralysis, hearing mumbles / murmurs or name being called), however I have always ignored it. For the last few years now, I have been experiencing many things that have made me question my sanity and a lot of the past experiences […]

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