When I was younger, my mother and I would see dark shadows floating in our home. My mother used oil and prayed over our home and eventually the dark shadows quit reappearing. Recently we had a family gathering at my cousins house. After looking at the pictures we could see abnormal lights around certain family members. Nearly every picture that had these family members in it contained circles and lights around them. We were talking on the phone about them and she said she and her husband had been seeing the dark spots/shadows in their home. While we were talking she told me the story about a child our cousin has adopted who is autistic. She said said she walked up to him while he was playing and started talking to him and he said he had a story to tell her. He told her that a little boy had been in a fire and his mommy tried to get him out. He said that she couldn’t get him out but the firemen came and got him out. She asked him were the little boy was, he mumbled and looked at her and said he was playing. She asked him more about the little boy and he said he was done telling her about him. One week before this a mile from where they were at a little boy was killed in a fire. The autistic cousin lives over an hour away and would not have heard of the child passing away. When she asked the father of the child about it, he shrugged his shoulders and said he had not ever heard of it, but the child does it all of the time. He knows when people are going to die.

She said that she felt like she has always been drawn to him, and she believes that it is because she has always known when bad things were going to happen. She said that sometimes she belives that spirits try channeling through people. After this both of our phones went crazy and neither of us could hear each other, but we could hear this white noise. It sounded like a man speaking. I was frightened and hung up the phone and called her back. Both of us felt something and we can’t shake the feeling like something is after us.

My question:
What do you think these dark shadows are?
Do spirits try channeling?
Are autistic children more susceptible to the paranormal?



Greetings and sorry for the delay: 1. Spirits do have a tendancy to reach out and communicate but not channel, because they cannot do so without being given permission.

2. That which we call shadow people are actually beings that exist in a parallel dimension and are alive, but because of the vibrational difference appear to us as shadow. To them we probable appear much the same way. The fact that they would be affected by our spectrum suggests that they are indeed physical as we are just separated be a dimensional barrier.

If we consider this them we must also consider that there are other physical planets like our earth…

Autistic children are no more susceptible to paranormality than anyone else. They do have a tendency to be more aware than those that are limited by conventional beliefs.

Again please forgive the delay. Peace.

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