It was my birthday back in July 13th and I was gifted a Parker brothers ouiji board. My friends and I all skeptics (expect one who didnt partake in the entertainment) used it throughout the night. It started off with nothing until around 3-4am things got weird. The board never spelled anything that made sense random words and numbers
“88” and “66” were common numbers and the word “leviathan”? I have no knowledge of ghost and things but since then things have been weird in my house. My roomies complain about noises they hear and seeing little kid shadows running around. This i have not personally experienced the only issue of concern to me which is why I’m writing is at night I keep hearing voices, at first I thought TV or radio as it sounds like a crowd but no words I can make sense of as it does not sound English. Recently i have been having major nightmares featuring a character who appears man but then morphs into a (sounds ridiculious) spider legged cat,frog thing with his human head but this time a crown. After the “morph” of this man he stands in front of me silently each of his creepy dark eyes from both frog, cat and human faces/heads and outlines of what I’d say are humans circle myself and kneel except this cat,frog human thing; once they kneel the statement  “follow” comes out of his human mouth and then I wake up very out of breath and unable to sleep again usually drenched in sweat.

I really don’t understand if the ouiji board has anything to do with it just this has all started since and my roomies are or seem more concerned as they see these kids running around all black very fast and are getting annoyed as I am with this repetitive dream and disturbed sleep.

Is this a mental problem dream wise on my end? And my roomies problems seeing kids running around just imagination as I have yet to see any..

I appreciate your input as me and my pals are very unknowledgeable in this field being skeptical, is this even a “paranormal” situation? We are moving out come September so probably isn’t a big deal and once in our new place I assume the fresh scene will bring things to an end. Just thought I’d see if I should toss the board away because if it’s responsible for this….probably won’t be playing anymore Parker brothers games!!!!!

Sorry for the rambling but figure as much info/history on the problem be best I’ve got no idea what’s going on just people telling me it was because of a manufactured kids game?


Greetings:  I personally don’t believe in skeptics, but I find it interesting that even though random numbers came out, that it actually moved, you did not see this as unusual.  Did it ever occur to you that the best selling vehicle for such a thing as the Ouija was as a childs game?

There are some things that happen in this world that do not depend on whether you believe in them or not.  I will tell you this.  You and your friends made a mistake.

The Ouija should more appropriately called a contract board.  Which means that until the contract is broken, your belief, or “non” belief is going to be sorely challenged.

Your best bet?  Get your friends together and destroy the board outside of your home, and burn it.
Take the ashes to the nearest body of water and throw them in, and turn your backs never to return to the place that you disposed of them.  Your visions and stress will cease.  Don’t be so foolish as to believe that something doesn’t exist just because you don’t believe in it.  Even in the physical world what you belive in and what is are two different things.  Peace.

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