In this episode, Ahura answered the following questions.

I saw a wasp a week or two ago while at a park, and asked for wasp energy to assist me in my endeavors. Before I left the park, a wasp flew right up to my forehead lingered for a moment, then went on his way. What meaning do you draw from this?

Yesterday or the day before, I got on the highway and a hawk, out of nowhere, flew over the grass median parallel to my car on the left side for some time. What meaning do you draw from this?

Why am I noticing so many things being backwards or opposite lately? Is it something with the moon?

I’ve been wanting to use my gifts in a capacity of helping find missing children/people for some time now. Do you see everything coming together with the TV production company I got the offer from? Will I, at all, be doing that?

Was there any significance to the recent so called supermoon?

Is there a hell and do people get sent there for suicide or not?

How has spirituality evolved? Were the ancients more powerful than modern practitioners? Is it more refined today?

I’ve been feeling my horn more, and more, and more. What does that mean? Can I do magic here on this world? Do I have to relearn things?

I have been told by multiple people recently, that I can’t hide that I’m a alien. And as a kid, I constantly felt that I was an alien. How does one go on about finding out if they are or not?

I was meditating the other day, and was deep into seeing weird stuff, almost alien-like. Then I heard a loud tuning fork sound and I came to. Would this be my higher self or spirit guide warning me to come back?

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