In this episode Ahura answered the following questions:

How can you learn defense magic in the astral in case of a battle?

How do you know if your in the astral?

I have figured out how to shield myself here and galatically, however I want to know how to remove any trace of where I have been so as to not be followed. Can you assist? Forever grateful.

I have been getting spiritually attacked by witches in my neighborhood who are sending demons to us. Tal got sick and I’m still doing spiritual warfare. Do you have any advice about what is the next step? Shall I call you now to give you more details?

I haven’t been able to recharge for 48 hrs yet, and I had a horrible day. I got put on probation at work for caring for my coworkers. I’m hurt about it and I don’t want to be mean to my boss but, I know I am capable. How do you stay positive when you are highly emotional and feeling violent?

Can you tell me what you see coming to me?

What would happen if we merged our free will with the will of God and Goddess? What would we see?

How do you express a gut feeling to the police about an old crime? Have you ever done that?

How do we give back to you for your teachings?

I read that you can do defensive magic while on the otherside, especially in some spiritual battles. How can one learn it?

I’ve read many things on the medicine wheel, what is your take on it?

What is a shapeshifter and is it possible to do it on the earth plane?

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