In this episode Ahura answered the following questions:

Before I mentioned about butterflies flying from left to right in front of my car, but as of late butterflies have been flying from right to left. Do you have a meaning?

Why does spiritual evolution take place in spurts?

How do you recognize that you are heading for a spiritual crisis or can you recognize a crisis in person?

Question at 10:00 continued.

There was one black butterfly yesterday, or the day before that, that came from left to right. It was flitting on the ground and I almost ran it over. How do you interpret that?

How can I do research on a dream? I think I really dreamt of a man that was a solider from World War II, but he’s older now. What happened in the dream, I guess I played a friend of this guy and he had a girlfriend who he ended up breaking up with and ended up with me. He went to war and he came back and married me, but them it was like I was interviewing the solider in present time and there was a picture of the woman. I guess she had passed from canccer and I had never seen this guy in my life but I was interviewing him. How can you find out? It felt real not dreamy like.

We spoke of my dreams in a past show where I could control them. Have a dream and wake up and think about the dream
and pick up where I left off, much more. Now I had a new experience in dream. I was in a dream and I could smell Italian food. So I woke my self up, for 20 or 30 seconds, I could smell it awake….

What do you think about Dr. Sebi and his work?

I’m doing some market research for a hemp based clothing line I’m thinking about launching because hemp is much more eco friendly than cotton and can help revive the natural state of the world. What do you perceive with that?

Are there certain plants or herbs that stimulate specific channels or circuts in the etheric body and it will affect on the physical body?

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