In this episode Ahura talked about emotions and empathy; people who tell you they had a dream where you died; giving bad news; relationships and marriage; soul mates; sharing a person’s heritage: telepathy; classes in metaphysics.
He also answered the following questions:

I tend to receive others’ feelings and broadcast mine, especially when experiencing strong emotions. What is the best way to filter incoming, and block myself from sending out that signal?

What does the appearance of a silvery gold colored elephant in a bad dream mean?

What is your view on the institution of marriage?

The other night I had a dream about Noah’s ark, and the Holy Spirit, and I were watching this guy pressing frantically over and over again on a button that played prayers and was wanting the prayers to go faster and faster. Then a strange voice spoke a scary word to me and I woke up.

I got snookered one night with friends and I always open up when I’ve had one to many shots of tequila. I asked one person to share their heritage after seeing some photos of grandparents and she did and life is different. My path has changed asa result in very wonderful ways. I was going on instinct and Jose Cuervo. Have you ever heard of sharing anothers’ heritage?

follow up of 35:37

Someone wanted me to take a look at this for them. I haven’t had the time really nor am I sure I could give a good reading on it at the moment. A friend of mine had a dream with this in it, (he wouldn’t let me post it). It’s a female angel with it’s head cut off, nude, and covered with blood, feathers everywhere, both hands pointing to the ground. He drew a picture of it and sent it to me, but I can’t send it through facebook.

follow-up of 37:05

I get the sense that my telepathic or psychic abilities are way more open than I allow them to be. If I opened up to them, I’d be picking up way more than I already do. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Since I’ve been in the military, I have felt less of a connection, spiritually, lately. I’m sure it’s just a temporary thing since I’m so occupied with learning and training, but I’d like to get that connection to help me stay focused. Any tips?

Have you ever heard about David Wilcock?

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