We had some technical difficulties in the beginning as Kazi’s computer spontaneously decided to reboot so she wasn’t able to receive questions right away. But it cleared up eventually.

In this episode Ahura addressed the following questions:

What do you perceive is the reason for the downfall of the African continent?

I don’t have a real spiritual/metaphysical issue I need help with, but wanted to ask Z if he has any advice for me as far as some tai chi balancing exercises, breathing or otherwise, to help with calming my spirit and gaining focus to help me through this stressful time in my life. Also, to help my singing.

Question 13:43 continued. Was what happened to Africa a karmic thing?

There seems to be a lot of different energy movements in our home. I feel at times there’s some type of communication to be heard by the situations. I’m wondering if you would be willing to help me clarify who may be or why things are happening? I also find that communications are tried in my dreams too, they are very obvious to me.

Why did the archway of Baal appear at Trafalgar Square in London April 19, 2016 on a Satanic holiday?

There’s two things on the news, people eating faces (and it gets blamed on bath salts), people killing club goers, people doing terrorist acts. Of course, there are many evil people in the world, but do you think there’s more to it. Could be government agenda, could be supernatural influence or both, your thoughts?

Could you explain free will, if the answer to the persons’ choice was seen before they made that choice?

Wondering how the time works with the free will of the now?

How could organic be any better if the earth itself is contaminated?

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