In this episode Ahura talked about Mercury retrograde; why he wears his hair in braids; how to avoid being “slimed” by someone’s thoughts (and sending someone’s thoughts back to them; protecting your energy; answered a personal question about where someone will go with their music; empaths and how to keep from latching on to everyone’s thoughts; the meaning of his face tattoo (ta moko); a specific question about feeling other people’s feelings; psychic attacks resulting from a person’s increased success (and other’s jealousy); keeping yourself grounded; how to cut down on astral emenations; building a network of spiritual people; making oneself invisible to psychic attack; addressing a question about soulless people; psychics who are jealous of another’s gift.

Ask the Unicorn is a live weekly paranormal/metaphysical webcast with Ahura Z. Diliiza, owner/headmaster of Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. For more information, showtimes and to ask your questions visit:

Questions asked and their time signatures:

Why do you wear braids again?

How do I protect my sanity from mindbender nasty boys?

…Can she use it to protect others too?

What do you see happening with my music? For me it’s a spiritual outpouring, and avenue into the world.

It’s so hard to not hear their thoughts and feel their energy. Are you saying I have to learn to not hear and feel their stuff?

What’s the story with that tattoo on your face?

How do you explain to someone that you are feeling someone elses feelings?

I’ve been gaining a lot of attention both on the positive end of the spectrum and negative end due to the light being exuded. I’m doing good things, but a lot of people have been sending psychic attacks due to negative polarity commotions and such. I have a lot of insight as to why they are doing it and the lower vibration entities that they are reaping as a by product. However, what are your thoughts on the matter?

Do soulless people exist?

I am part of a very powerful spiritual group/team and they are getting a lot of attention here in Virginia. Do you have any words of wisdom to share about what we are forging and creating in the world?

How do you protect yourself from psychics’ that are jealous of the gifts you have? Even if you try to send them love and light they will still be trying to attack. Should I send good energy to them to stop the negative energy?

…In regards to grounding and using coffee beans. What do you do with the coffee beans? Do you put them in your pocket? Do you put them in your mouth? Do you smell them?

Would you be willing to collaborate in some capacity? I would love to do a group reading or healing or offer any of my other gifts and travel to your store. Just an idea, let me know your thoughts are.

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