Hello, I want to apologize in advance for such a very long detailed explanation of what I am experiencing at home. I wanted to make sure I included everything I can think of in order for you to be able to better help me.

I feel like I’m going crazy with fear. I’m a married stay home mom of two girls. we have been living at a rental home for nearly two years with no strange occurrences until recently. It started last
year in early December with a sudden strange “burning” smell off and on with no explanation as to the source of it. It seems to mostly happen on the stairs and sometimes in my bedroom.
When it first started I wasn’t afraid but as it continued to happen, I began to get very uncomfortable. We had several people inspect the house and not find anything wrong. This past Friday, as I went upstairs with my oldest daughter to get her ready for bed, we noticed that there were fresh drops of water on most of the stairs. Then when we got upstairs we noticed two wet spots on my bed on the comforter. No one had been upstairs since late morning. My dog was downstairs with us the whole time plus I have a safety gate that keeps her and my 2 year old from going up when I am not looking. It appeared the water was clear and had no smell to it. So my husband checked the ceiling for a leak but couldn’t see anything (there is a crawl type attic above that we never use so we don’t know if there’s anything there). I began to feel extremely scared and my 2 year old daughter and I slept with my 6 year old in her bed instead.

The following morning, we went out to run errands. While my husband was outside with our girls, I spoke loud, I asked loud and firm to please leave our home in the name of Jesus Christ. before leaving the house I made sure I left our television in our living room with the volume turned up high. I do this for our dog (for background noise) After about two hours we came back and found the TV had been turned off and the volume turned all the way down to zero. It was just the TV, akk ither appliances were fine and it does not apoear like it was a sudden loss if power. This only created more panic and fear in me. So our family has been sleeping downstairs on the floor. Then Sunday night, a little after midnight I went back upstairs to make sure that our pet hamster was fine. I then checked my bedroom for anything unusual and discovered that a very small pile of dirty clothes had been knocked over but it almost looked too neatly scattered because it wasn’t just the top of the clothes but the entire pile. It almist looked like the way dominoes fall. The girls had already being sleeping downstairs and my husband and dog were downstairs the whole time. I completely lost it and was crying and felt like I had an emotional breakdown.

Then this morning, I made a few trips upstairs to “look” for anything unusual and I found a large drop of water on my daughter’s dresser. We had not been there all morning so I had no idea what it is and how it got there. I want to mention too, that although this may not mean much, I had the alarm on my mobile go off ( the alarm labeled “go to church” that I set up to wake us up for Sundays mass. The strange thing is that all alarm settings had been turned off! This happened before I discovered the water drop on my daughter’s dresser.

My husband dismisses everything. He is not a believer in the Paranormal and wasn’t brought up religious. I was raised a Catholic, just recently we began attending Sunday mass. He works long hours and I’m alone with my girls from morning till late at night. We had been having marital issues and our home hasn’t really been a peaceful one for most of our marriage. Our home is full of negativity and arguing and our girls gave witnessed our fights a few times. I don’t have any family or friends nearby so I feel completely isolated.

I recalled when growing up living in fear at night surrounded by noises, touches, sounds and something or someone playing with water. I was terrified, I’m terrified now but only worse because I want to protect my family and I don’t know how.

I want to reach out to our church but my husband says if I tell them they will think we are crazy and unfit parents. I am also scared that a house blessing could potentially turn this into a full blown haunting (if that is what really is going on) and I would not want our girls to witness that.

I had written St. Michaels invocation which i read for comfort when I began to feel scared and cannot find it anywhere. Can you tell me where I can find it online.

If you can give me some advice or/and guidance about my situation that would be greatly appreciated as I’m feeling afraid and very terrified in our home. Not knowing what, if anything, is here and why, is very difficult to deal with.

Thank you do much and again, I apologize for such including so much detail.


Greetings: You should read Psalms 91 every day before sleeping. Out loud would be best. Keep white unscented candles lit in your home, and try to keep discord at a minimum. Your husband is wrong. The church will not think that you are crazy. Remember that the church is supposed to be a place of God, and a safe haven for those is spiritual distress. I would ask him why he would say such things. Your pastor has a God given duty to listen, and for him to say that they will think that you are crazy makes it seem as if he does not want you to get help, but that is between you and him. Go to your church, they will listen. Peace.

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