Is it possible for someone to be posessed for much of their life and be unaware-or be aware and not care?
I am a Christian, but in the past I had some not so nice friends. Several completly changed after using drugs, a couple are now on disability. A couple girls I used to know were addicted to sex, and from what I heard are now leading unsavory lifestyles.
All of this can be explained through rational medical/psychiatric diagnosis, but I have always felt I had something of a ‘gift’ in sensing evil.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


Greetings: Because someone is gifted or leads an unsavory life does not mean that they are possessed. Using drugs may debilitate a persons energy to the point of leaving them vulnerable but has very little to do with actually being possessed. A persons choice to live badly is in fact their own, and the word possessed is thrown around way too often. I think that to say that someone is addicted to sex is a little subjective to say the least. There are people that think to be christian is unsavory, but remember it is better to stay within the boundary of that which Christ set for us, by being non judgement. Remember sex is not evil, nor is enjoying it. However the abuse of such things should be something that you yourself should take precaution against. Peace.

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