So I’m kind of afraid to ask this for fear it might be stupid. But I’ve been having very vivid nightmares that consist of very old type houses, always in a past generation such as the 40’s-60’s and such. I’m never in the nightmare. It’s like I’m watching it, they present themselves kind of like a movie. But I can feel the fear. They always have families in them. And the houses are haunted I can hear growls and screams, feel cold spots, see entities that are particularly frightening, and often the families in the nightmare get attacked by these spirits and it’s very vivid. For instance last night I had one where this family (mom, son, and daughter) were living in a rather large house and it was very old. The mother wore an old school dress and the house was haunted by something. I could gear growls coming from the vents, I felt this cold breeze coming from something and I heard screams. I saw red eyes in closets. I could see the daughter and mother crying, and then the mother went to the window and there was an entity there, a little girl with red eyes and scratches all over her, she screamed and jumped and then all chaos broke loose. The daughter ran into the bathroom where the son was laying on the floor covered in blood. The daughter ran to this hidden door that led to the basement and a voice was saying ‘don’t open the door’ and then I saw the daughter run out of the house to a very old cop car and escaped while watching the house in the distance. That is just one dream I’ve had. It was longer than that with more paranormal happenings but I shortened it. I have various dreams of different families and houses. I’m worried as to why I’m having them? What do they mean? And should I be concerned? Thank you for your time.


Greetings: While it is true that you are seeing something I do not believe that you have anything to worry about. The dreams are helping you to tune in to a gift. and your ability to see enabled you to be involved, but nothing is threatening you. You are having these dreams in order to develop yourself so that you can be of service to others.

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