Why do you think religious people like Annaliese Michel was possessed by demons or other spiritual beings? Thank You!:D


Greetings: Religion does not make a person immune, it gives one a way of communicating with God and therefore methods of protection. What the church calls possession, and what actually is could be two different things. Remember. It was the church that said that if a person exhibited any special gift that could not be explained, then they were in collusion with satan, or possessed. I studied the case that you mentioned and saw tapes. It is my conviction that she was not possessed until the church got involved. She, from what I saw was simply being attacked until she was worn down enough and exhausted enough that she had no recourse other than to surrendered to that which she was attacked by. Remember this is my point of view, and only mine. I have other theories, but speaking as an exorcist it matters not whether you are religious or secular, Spiritual protection is the best defense. God, and Christ were never religious. Peace.

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