I have dated this guy off and on for about 4 years. About six months ago I started seeing this woman at the foot of the bed, when I would spend the night at his house. I didn’t know the person but she seemed kind and peaceful. I felt she wanted me to communicate with me. Then a month ago his mother was diagnosed with cancer she passed away 2 weeks later. A week or so after the funeral, he showed me pictures of his sister who passed away 20 years ago, she resembles the woman I had seen previously at the foot of the bed. I am assuming this is his sister, but why would i see her? Last time I stayed over I did not see her. How do I communicate should I see her again? How can I see her again? Thank you.


Greetings. This happens quite frequently when there is unresolved feelings between family members. You are obviously able to see her so she came to you because he cannot and there is something to say. Perhaps ask him if this is true, and then help him resolve what ever the issue is. Peace.

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