I am a stay home mom of two girls, one 2 and the other 6. My husband and I have been living in a rented home for over a year. The home is about 20 yrs. old. We had never experienced anything strange, that is until recently. About 2 weeks ago I began experiencing a “burnt” smell (not cigarette, none of us are smokers and we don’t have a fireplace. The smell goes away suddenly as I’m searching for its source. The smell seems to be located in certain areas of the house, but changes to different locations each time it happens. I have walked outside thinking, perhaps is coming from outside from a passing car but it isn’t. Its definitely not coming from the air vents either. My 6 year old daughter has smelled it as well as my husband and we cannot find the explanation of where is coming from. It’s happening more frequently in the last few days. My husband is not a believer in the paranormal. I am a Catholic and have had experiences with the supernatural when I was young. Aside from the strange smells, we haven’t really seen or heard anything else and I haven’t felt threatened by the smell. Although, today, I did notice, from the corner if my eyes a shadow going into one of the bedrooms. I thought it was my dog, but it turns out she was downstairs the whole time. I admit I’m starting to get a little worried that it could be something “bad”. Please let me know what your thoughts are in regards to what my family is experiencing. Looking forward to your response.

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Greetings Yanira: This sounds like a potential elemental. My suggestion is that you go to your Priest, and see if you can get some Holy water. When you get home, put some on your hands and touch each member of your family on the forehead. Next, divide the holy water into as many cups as you have rooms in your house. Add more water to each cup and read aloud Psalms 71, and 91. Leave a cup in every room, and this will stop the burning smell as it will also banish the elemental. Please do not fear. Remember that you are a child of God and therefore protected. Fight.

If you need further assistance, I am at your disposal. Peace.


Thank you so much for your very helpful response. l did some online research on what an elemental is but I didn’t really find anything with a clear explanation. would you please mind briefly explaining to me what it is and if it’s considered malevolent. You believe it could be a potential elemental, it is a frightening thought since I read in some sites these are malevolent beings…having two small children at home, really worries me.

I called my priest but weren’t able to get into much detail about obtaining the holy water. we talked more about my family joining a new Parrish since we moved out of town. I will be attending this Sunday’s mass and will then join the Parrish and will hope to soon talk to a priest there.

In addition to me reading Psalms 71 and 91 and filling cups with holy water, do you think that maybe I can just ask the church for a house blessing, or do both?

In the meantime, I have been doing praying, Psalm 23 which is one of my favorite and I have also been reading out loud St. Michaels Invocation which I found on your site. Since I have been reading, no smell so since. I have been feeling sad ( in part due to marital and financial problems) but I feel like praying has helped me.

Is there anything else you suggest I do in the meantime, can I continue to read St. Michaels Invocation to find some peace and to keep my family and home at peace.

I really appreciate your time and advice you’ve offered. I look forward to your reply when you have some time.

Thank you,


Greetings: What you are doing is fine. Just know that God is real, and that you are his child. Peace.

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