When I was little I had a friend over who beliefs in dream travel and ghost and all that. But there was a ghost in a white dress; she was our same age; I didn’t see it but my mom told me now that I am a teenager. I had a dream of a ghost in I think a wedding dress (But it was still a white dress!# And I fell down trying to ask Jesus for help #thou i mostly lost me religion) but i could not spit it out. Also last night my mom saw a girl dashing from the living room to the bath room and she was wearing a white dress? Could I had a spirit attach to me? If so is it evil or nice? Could I try to talk to it or just leave it alone? I always thought of myself of a person with no talent or gift for the paranormal world,so maybe it’s trying to tell me something? Or do i really have a gift that I need to explore and help?


Greetings: Sometimes it is not a question of talent. You are obviously seeing and therefore have the gift of sight. I think that training is in order. As for the spirit. It would be my suggestion that you simply tell it that you are not interested in communicating, and that it is disturbing you. Tell it that you will try again when you have learned enough to understand. This should cause it do abate. If not then it is not good and should be banished. Let me know. Peace.

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