In the beggining of the all day telepthy, which I think is phychic vampires. They said “the only way to stop it is to keep your mind on another person”. I want a private life and not share my knowledge with strangers. On your new video you say were all eqaul, but they treated me bad, til I found out the were moaron strangers. I try to order your garnet wings tea, but my phone wouldn’t process the order, aswell as my finnance dropped by letting them control my life with comments. They are not spiritual, don’t believe in Jesus, even with B.C. and A.D. evidence. To me Christmas is, More Christ, but it’s an opinion. My question really is, is phizophrenia medicine bad for my mind if it’s telepathy at play? I’m serious. And, is the Garnet Wings tea the true answer. Your the only one I can find in America. Serious, besides Coco Suhine on Youtube aswell. Once again no joke.


Greetings: I think that it is interesting that you chose that tea. It would seem that you can shield yourself with the actual stone Garnet. As for keeping your mind on another person. This is incorrect. What you will do is to connect with that person. You must keep your mind on physical tasks. If you are a telepath, (which I think is true), then it is up to you to discipline yourself which is why I have studied several forms of Martial arts for over 35 years. Remember to contain telepathy you must contain physicality. Your ability will never leave you but you can indeed keep it fully contained. There are both good and bad telepaths, and true not all of them honor the Christ vibration. You must make sure that you do. If you need help I am happy to answer any questions. Peace.

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