My friend who can sense ghosts since a child says in his living room the ghosts feel mean and the ones in his bed room don’t bother him, their so so. My son lives in the duplex next door. My 16 year old granddaughter has a 10 month old her boyfriend, 14 year old boyfriend, my son and his wife. My granddaughter says the baby is talking to angels(SHE HOPES) as she looks up in the corner of the room. My sons wife started taking off 3 months ago and does’nt come back for days at a time only to run off again. The girls say Shes getting worse and my son is devastated.Their house is beyond filthy.She is 43 and was hit by a car when she was 14. She almost died. Do you think she could be possessed? She won’t tell anyone wear she is and is screaming and lying when the do see her. This started out of the blue. My sons talking about suicide and tonight my granddaughter said she thought about going in front of a car because maybe she left because she did”nt want to watch the baby when she went to school. I read tarot cards and have talked to my friend for 40years on my ouija boards.Basically a good witch.But I wanted to see if you feel any things happening there, before I dismiss it and move on to another reason. Thank you so much.


Greetings: I personally have strong feelings against the use of Ouija. It can cause calamity at any moment, however. It may just be that the woman is is not capable of having a stable relationship and is outwardly rebelling. See if there is someone else that she is seeing. This is usually the culprit. Peace.

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