Since my childhood I’ve been plagued by ghostly encounters. I’ve seen things, heard strange noises, dreamed of demonic monsters attacking me. But now as an adult, I continue to have these sleep paralysis episodes. I’ve researched a bit into it and concluded that it couldn’t be my nerves shutting down before my brain before I sleep. First, I wasn’t tired or stressed before laying down. Secondly, I can feel this mass amount of pressure on my body before it happens! I remember this one episode of the “paralysis” vividly: I was at my uncle’s house and took a nap on my cousins bed. I dream of driving through downtown St.Paul (yes, I reside in the twin cities in MN), then suddenly I was heading into downtown Minneapolis. Thats when, in my dream, I felt this enormous amount of fear. In my dream, every thing was being engulfed by blackness. Swallowing every thing around me. Right before it took me, I awoke! Frozen in bed, eyes wide open, unable to move. I struggled to move for quite some time before being freed. I ran down stairs and sat on the couch next to my cousin telling him what had just happened. He laughed at me saying that I just choose the wrong bed to sleep in. Apparently, my cousin ( in his young adolescent age ) bullied a female neighbor around his age, to the point of suicide. And its his claim that it was the ghost of this female. He explained that he too, has had these episodes and sometimes could see this ghosts’ figure. He told me that the ghost probably mistook me for him and attacked! Thats just one case in my pile of evidence.


Greetings Michael, and sorry for the delay. I think that you should learn to defend yourself against these attacks. I can show you how. Give us a call, and I will give you instructions. Peace. Ahura Z.

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