I got out of the shower last week and look down at my left hip and notice I had scratches that appeared to look like writing. Im not sure if I had recieved it that morning or while I was in the shower but they looked fresh and had drew some blood. The scrathes were deep enough to still have reminants of it a week and a half later. What could be the possible causes for this? I have supplied a few picture of the scratches right after I had noticed it. Thanks in advance for your help.


Greetings: I did not receive your pictures.  There could be many reasons for the scratches. I have a few questions.

Do you remember what you dreamt about the night before you saw the scratches?
Have they reoccurred since then?
Have you checked your bed for something that might scratch you, and are the scratches in a place that is difficult for you to reach normally?

The reason for the questions is that sometimes a person can unconsciously scratch themselves if they are stressed, or having a traumatic dream. If this occurs more that once or twice then I think that we may have a problem. Please let me know if the episodes persist, and I will give you instruction in remedy. Sorry for the delay. Peace.

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