A good friend of mine recently purchased a painting from a local gallery. It is a picture of a small girl,6 or so years old. She is wearing overalls and has very large eyes. Since hanging this picture in her room she has had a recurring dream of holding this girl very tightly. In a protective way. My friend is trying to save the girl from a dark,shadowy presence that my friend cannot see. It is just past her line of vision. She also feels that this entity is female in essence.
My friend has been sleepwalking. She is in her mid 30’s and lives with her mother.
She is very upset about this.Should she get rid of this painting? Will whatever this is leave on it’s own?
My friend believes in God and has an abundance of faith,which why she is finding all of this upsetting.


Greetings: Paintings can be very powerful, and a good portal for entities to travel through.
I did not get your pictures, but am interested in your friends ability to see what she has. Your friend should not be upset that she sees. It is her belief in God that should be the reason to be at peace with seeing. Belief has nothing to do with what is, and God definitely is. Therefore It is God himself that allows her to see. As for the painting. I think that she should get rid of it, and be careful not to invite things into her home that belonged to those that are deceased unless she knows them. Let me know if I can help further. Peace.

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