This is not about me. My girlfriend of 30 years is very sick, and has been for a long time. Her life is a nightmare of trying to make ends meet and being able to sleep and then get out of bed. She has terrible luck. She talks about killing herself because her life is so bad. I feel there is a curse on her, or she is paying for something from a past life. She doesn’t beleive in curses or the paranormal. I asked her if she has ever seen shadow people and she says no. But there is definately a very dark presense around her. She is very agitated all the time. Is there any way I can help her?


Greetings It sounds as if your friends problems have more to do with her mind than paranormality. You can help by making sure that she is not alienating herself from the world, and communicating. If there is a dark entity subjugating her these are some things you can look for.

Has she stopped eating.

She will sit for long periods of time seemingly talking to someone but there is nobody there. 

Her body odor will change. 

She will begin to act either indifferent to your presence, or she will become extremely agitated. 

Shadow people are not a part of haunting, these are people that are alive, just in a different dimension.  Try to make sure that she knows that the voices in her head telling her to kill herself are lying to her, and that she is a valuable part of your life and the lives of others. If she tells you that she has astral traveled, and that she does so frequently, THEN we have a paranormality. This means that she has come in contact with an astral being that is using her energy. I will instruct you as to its removal.

Please be vigilant. If she attempts suicide you must for her own good contact, physical help services. Keep in contact with me.

Peace. Ahura Z.

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