Hi Ahura. How are you? I really want to begin to learn telepathy, but its really hard for me to understand it. I read that I have to visualize an object or person in front of me.. But not to force it. I do not really understand ‘how’ to visualize if I do not force it. I want to connect with a few friends from across the country in this way. I am doing this by myself. I do not have anybody to be the sender or the receiver. Do you have any advice on how I can accomplish starting telepathy by myself? Thank You So Much in advance!


Greetings.  First.  One does not learn telepathy, one develops it.  It has very little to do with sending or receiving, and when it comes to telepathy there is no forcing, or letting it happen.  You must understand that telepathy is a force in and of itself that is basically a mutation, or transformation of one energy to another.  Everything is energy and that energy seeks to evolve and grow.  Depending on what your individual make up is, you will transform into what the universe has for you to transform into.  Telepathy is the understanding of all things, and the ability to bring that which is intangible into form.  Again.  it is not about sending or receiving but being and not being.  You will need training.  You WILL need training from an actual telepath like myself.  However.  Training in this area is not free as nothing is.

Seek a teacher.  If you cannot find one contact me.  Peace.

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