Hello Ahura,

As far as I can remember, my sis sis has been getting nightmares for several months and tells me she can’t sleep with her door open.  If the door is open while she’s sleeping, she sees a man with a hat (black hat I think) standing there.  I can’t remember the details but paranormally speaking, all I know that could be causing it is the time she unknowingly called St. Michael.  A psychic she met claimed that whatever she was doing needed to be stopped since she was attracting negative spiritual energies or something like that.  You could say my mother is more on the spiritual side and has recently put salt at the door.  She says my sis hasn’t complained of any nightmares yet.  I think it’s something psychological so I’m skeptical but who knows right.  That’s why I’m asking what your opinion is on this.  Any idea who the man is with the hat?


Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  Personally I do not believe in skeptics.  What she is seeing is an aparition of someone that perhaps lived there before.  Remember.  An aparition is merely the energy signature left behind by someone or something that physically existed.  If there is any interraction between the man and your sister, that would make it an actual spirit.  Aghost, or aparition is merely that.  A ghost of what once was, like a recording.  It can cause no real harm.  The psychic that she met had no idea of what they were saying.  She is not attracing negative energy, she is seeing it as it is.  If anything you should listen and learn to protect your home.

The man is no one specific, but allow her to keep the door closed, and place an L.E.D. light outside the door, as this will cut the astral emanations down so that the apparition will not manifest.  Let me know if you need further assistance.  Peace

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