Ever since I was 15 yrs old I’ve been waking up with unexplained scratches on my back. I sometimes dream of a dark figure standing in a doorway & all I can make out are it’s eyes. I’m not afraid of it in my dream, I just yell at it to reveal itself. And all that happens is the eyes come closer and that’s when I wake up. For some reason it’s getting worse recently, I woke up this morning and my sheets look like Freddy Krueger was after me. It’s really freaking my girlfriend and I out. I guess what I’m asking is…is there a demon after me for some reason? I’m not scared of it I just wish I knew why? Thank you for your time.


Greetings:  It would seem that demon is the case but no.  This sounds more like a curse set upon either you or your family that has employed the service of an astral being posing as a demon.  What you want to do is tell it to leave you.  To ask it to reveal itself is like an open invitation to come into your energy.  However your lack of fear is what keeps it at bay.  God for you.  Fear must never be entertained when attacked, or haunted.

You must change some habits.  
1.  If you smoke marijuana you must stop.
2.  If you drink you must stop. (yes.  Everything alcoholic).
3. You must read Psalms 91 out loud before you go to sleep. and keep a lit candle in your room at night.
4.  If your problem persists after following these steps for one week contact me and I will lead you through a ritual to seal you.  Peace.

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