I am a night owl by nature and tend to go to sleep in the wee hours of the morning (2-4am) As i fall into a deep sleep this odd feeling of euphoria overcomes my body. Normally one would assume that is a good thing; oddly enough i also have a feeling like something is being taken away from me. I feel the need to almost fight back but when i try to wake up its like something is holding me down. I also cant open my eyes, or scream. A few times i could feel myself violently shaking, and when i wake up i am weak and my heart is racing. Once I even thought i saw a dark figure above me. It has been happening more and more often. Almost every other night in my new apartment, but oddly, it wont happen if my boyfriend is in bed with me. Some nights I can almost feel a dark energy in the room and usually predict it to happen. I just want to know what this thing is, what its doing, why has it targeted me, and what i can do to stop it? I would  greatly appreciate any thoughts and suggestions you have. Thank you.


Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  One thing that you can do is to make sure that you eat something a half hour before you go to bed.  What this does is to solidify your energy so that you can sleep.  Also, get a white unscented candle and keep it lit as you sleep, this will cut down astral emanations.  Try this, and if you need more assistance please give me a call, and I will instruct you as to how to keep yourself from being invaded.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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