I have been seeing black figures one is aged 7-8 years and ran straight into my cooker and I thought it was one of my children but no one of that age or height and I shouted out ouch waiting for the cry but nothing.
I also went for a coffee at a shop with a friend and the man (i guess or feeling i get from it) was watching me and with me while I drank my coffee.
I smell sick contantly in my house it is awful, I am the only one that can smell it.  I have banging upstairs during the day with the windows shut and foot steps on the wooden floorboards.
I have a sense of relaxation with them and they stand at the top of the stairs sometimes almost like they want me to see something but I am too frightened to go up.
All of this is going on and depression has entered my home with a family member could this be related? And the sick smell?  I have asked another person this question before I understood how this all worked and a scientific aproach was not my idea forward sorry.


Greetings Kate.  Sorry for the delay.  I think that the reason that you can smell this is because of a natural gift of olfactory awareness.  The sick smell is definitely a negative energy that has attached itself to you.  You are obviously psychic, and should have training.  There is something physically related to a child that may have died of an illness.  You must find it, and clear it out of your home.  I know that this does not coincide with “scientific reasoning”, but science has no real place in the paranormal, and has yet to see that the earth is not flat.  I strongly suggest that you do not go upstairs when beckoned by these entities.  Contact an entity remover, or give me a call Tuesday thru Saturday.  I will help.  Peace.  p.s.

I will challenge any scientist, any day, on the paranormal.  You my friend are experiencing the reality of the metaphysical.

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