I dreamed something whispering death into my ear not just that every night  i have a dream where tigger was chasing me the next night dogs where  chasing me& my family then in my dream i had a fear of my child dying then  i start drowning then last night i had a dream my friend had me talking to  one of her friends and then i was on a bridge meeting then i was in the  car with 3 of my family member and everyone car started blowing up fire  and everything i remember telling her to turn around but instead i & my  cousin jump off the into the water with are feet straight . the first  dream i ever had that start all this was when i had a dream i was talking to the devil. can you tell me what this means


Greetings:  You have either run into, or been exposed to a negative energy, and this needs to be removed.  The longer it stays, the worse off things will get.  This could affect not only your home life, but your financial, and social life as well.  The dogs represent anger, and evil.  The water represents emotion and fear.  And the devil represents deception, and of course evil.  Have someone qualified remove this curse, immediately.  If there is no one, contact me.
Peace.  Ahura Z.


What will it take too have you remove this curse?


A simple energy cleansing should do this.  You would need to see someone there physical.  If someone tries to tell you that you must pay them absorbetant amounts of money for this leave.  A donation of what you think it is worth is enough.  I’m sure that there is someone local.  If not I am in Westbrook Maine.  Peace.

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