I have a question about my daughter but will give some history about me first. I have seen shadow people and very bad spirits or whatever they are since I can remember. Once I turned about 18 it slowed down a lot. I still see a lot of shadow people, and I hear strange voices occasionally, but about 4 months my daughter had a few episodes were she was screaming and Freaking out and was looking for somthing in the room but she couldnt tell me what it was. This was very odd for her. She is only 3 years old and for the last couple weeks I’ve been having terrible nightmares of evil beings playing tricks on me and haunting me but it felt like I was living in my childhood again. And my daughter has been telling me that she’s afraid of “bad guys” and started crying about it. When my daughter was just a few months old in an old apartment we lived in I heard someone calling her name and he sounded very angry, I was wondering if you could possibly tell me if you have any info on this and if I did somthing to put my daughter in harms way. I would really like to learn how to help her more and maybe learn how to use my gift to see more or help. Any information would he great thank you.  -Mike


Greetings Mike:  It sounds like you brought something from that old apartment with you that had an entity attached to it.  Something that was a part of that place.  Find it and dispose of it.  Your nightmares should stop.  Maybe you packed something that was not yours.  Other than that, I’d need to know a little more history to ascertain more.  Peace.

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