Do past life dreams always have to be in a past time period?? If past, present and future all exist at the same time then God could potentially drop you anywhere in a “dimension” to resolve the karma. 
Anyhow…I had this dream this morning it was “off the wall”….I dreamed it was around Christmas time and I was in a relationship with a man named Danny and I had purchased a card for Danny and had put $100+ dollars in the card, somehow I lost the card and was frantically searching for it…what is really odd is that I made reference in the dream that the card was probably inside a pair of pants in the laundry but I never went there to look for it.  I wanted to ask my Mother if she had seen the card but I knew in the dream that she had issues with the relationship with Danny and I didn’t want to listen to her complain. 

Was this a past life dream or “just a dream”??  I saw my name in this dream on a christmas present but I don’t remember what it was when I woke up.


There are indeed future lives as well as past.  Remember.  The Universe is made up of an infinite number of possibilities, and it is quite possible that you are experiencing a life remembrance.  Always trust your feelings on these matters.  Peace.

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